Our Next to Last Day Together

I awake at ten

The overcast morning is shockingly bright and cool

The smothering heat of the previous day gone

You are standing at the screen door chewing your cheek

There are small dark pouches under your eyes

An intimation of unease

In the set of your mouth

The sterling sky and the aqua sea

Battle for precedence behind you


When you walk back over to the bed

The brown of your skin is a sharp contrast

To the ocean of sheets

You offer me a bittersweet smile

The sweet wins out, though

Because I know you are happy I am awake

We hang there for a few quiet seconds

Enjoying this unspoken connection


You climb back into bed

Settling into me

Resting your chin on my shoulder

Your breath is hot on my ear


In this moment

We are more ourselves

No pretenses

No feelings of impending doom

For this rebound relationship 


It is a moment of clarity

We are experiencing

A quiet moment

That lulls us both back to sleep

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