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kaleidoscope of colors II

kaleidoscope of colors II is the sixth poetry collection by award-winning author Robert A. Cozzi. This collection picks up where the first left off, and fans will not be disappointed. His prose and poetry explore the emotions of hope, loss, grief, friendship, and love with the raw authenticity readers have come to expect.

Cozzi deftly whittles these universal experiences down into a deeply personal yet relatable moment in time. There are no chapters. Each turn of the page is like the turn of the kaleidoscope wheel, seamlessly blending and flowing together, taking the reader on a colorful exploration of the human experience.

kaleidoscope of colors

This newest collection of poetry by multi-award winning poet Robert A. Cozzi is filled with as many wonderful aspects as the kaleidoscope is color and shapes. Each poem will take you on a different path, whether it be vulnerability, loss, love, friendships, or powerful memories. All of these messages converge to create a beautiful representation of the human experience. Allow this collection to take you on an adventure where you will discover new stories that are reflected in your own life.

Sky of Dreams

Sky of Dreams is Cozzi’s fourth book of thoughtful prose and beautiful poetry will grab his followers’ hearts and attention immediately – and for new readers, the works will give you a deeper understanding as to why Robert A. Cozzi is a nationally awarded author.

Blanket of Hearts

Blanket of Hearts is his most intimate collection of work to date. So, grab a favorite blanket, nestle into the nook of a cozy chair, and enjoy learning more about yourself through Cozzi’s poetic word.

Handful of Memories

Robert A. Cozzi’s second work of poetry and prose is a continuum of his heartfelt writings dealing with love, loss, friendship, and family. After such rave reviews of his premier book – Tide Pool of Words – published in 2013, his followers have been eagerly awaiting this second book of his words. The past year has been a tumultuous one for the author and those feelings show through clearly – His work will move you. This is a book that you will make a gift for all of your loved ones and friends. It is simply that good.

tide pool of words

In this debut of a series of books filled with Robert A. Cozzi’s poetry and prose, you will feel something emotional and grasping as you read through his thoughts…

A first visit to any seaside village… a beach romance long lost… remembering family holidays at the shore… how your family experienced their holiday or simply reminiscing a beautiful day sitting with your toes in the sand… or… rocking in a chair on a screen porch during a summer rain storm…

Social Distances

Collected during a historic moment of isolation, this book includes the work of some amazing poets from around the world. Poets included: Christine Perez, Robert Cozzi, Julie Sevilla Drake, Adam Michael Wright, Nshita Chikoti Mwamba, Skylar Arend, Brian Fuchs, Jarrod Hol, Miranda Clark, Jessica Drake-Thomas, J Fairchild, Honey Bee, Michael Noonan, & Linda Crate. All profits from this book will go to LOVE FOR THE ELDERLY.

Perspective to Pen anthology

Perspective to Pen: An Anthology

Twelve talented poets showcase voices and styles as diverse as they are. Being of many various ages, genders, races, orientations, and nationalities, each poet joins together here to create a work greater than the sum of its parts. This anthology is focused on sharing and exploring a plethora of differing perspectives, becoming separate yet simultaneously united.

What Readers Are Saying

"The poems are evocative, meaningful, and have a greater emphasis on the artistic process as poet Robert Cozzi seems to be looking back on the process of creating his earlier works. The symbolic richness of these poems shows his progression as a poet."
"kaleidoscope of colors is filled with as many wonderful aspects as the kaleidoscope is color and shapes. Each poem will take you on a different path, whether it be vulnerability, loss, love, friendships, or powerful memories. All of these messages converge to create a beautiful representation of the human experience."
“Sky of Dreams” is an emotive collection that will warm the heart and challenge the mind. The poems follow themes & motifs that Cozzi’s previous works have touched upon, such as lost chances, romance, using touchstones of senses, nature, and light to describe his feelings. Author Robert Cozzi is a compelling storyteller, able to weave a complex tapestry of action and emotion in a few well-chosen words.
"Blanket of Hearts" dwells on the intoxication of romantic love. Built from short lyrics, typically 20 lines or less, these pieces contain a lot of feeling. The lines themselves never leave the subject of love, compelled by its seductive totality. Take the poem “Desire,” for example: “Sifting through your magical gleam / Is like a dance with the surreal / The night has induced its spell / And a scent of promise has arrived / Spilling desire ravenously.” Love is more than just situational; it is the poetic subject and reason for living."
"It’s this mixture of the mysterious, the reverent, and the emotional that make this collection effective. Even with the different focus for certain poems, there is no doubt that these are poems by the same writer, as they all convey a similar tenderness and fluidity with language."
"As with his other collections, Cozzi demonstrates his talent through a simple poetic style with short, sweet lines and sentences with the intention of evoking emotion through imagery and sharply-delivered musings. Cozzi has a penchant for light subjects and heavy emotions, contrasting some Wordsworth-esque pieces centered on the joys of love and the enjoyment of nature with harsher pieces on the pain of loss – moreso, perhaps, than either of his other collections."

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