Too Small

“Love” is a word That conveys warmth and softness “I love you” is everything When spoken aloud But I believe The word “love” needs more letters More syllables More resonance to reflect its majesty Because such a small word Seems inadequate  To bear so much weight

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Fade to Black

The ice that forms on the window Cracks in spiderweb veins That look just like shattered mirrors Outside The sky is flat and starless As though the world Has suddenly become a sealed box   Ever since you died I have been unable to sleep  I sit by the French…

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New Year’s Eve-1997

It was the first New Year’s Day in New York That I could remember being unseasonably warm The sky was cloudless and endless As I stared up from your rooftop garden on Greene Street In the heart of SoHo   You stood next to me And in our silence We…

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Only me, Only you

I love How we fall so easily Into this cadence we create Your eyes … The dusky promise Of a long summer My eyes … Glassy Like a still pool of water Deferring intruders From its depths By distracting them With our reflections

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The Elevator

Once the elevator doors shut The energy changes Everything about this enclosed space tingles   The rush of my pulse is so loud I am sure you can hear it pounding When I turn to look at you I find you looking back You are wearing a grey hoodie and…

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The Goodbye

The first rays of the sun Begin to peek over the tops of the buildings we pass The violet-blue of Newark airport slowly turns to gold “Here comes the sun,” I say You smile and reply, “Oh I love that song!” So, I take out my phone To find this…

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