The First Time I Saw You

I remember the first time I saw you at the beach

You and Tugger were playing Frisbee

And I was sitting in a secluded area

Writing in my journal

After watching the two of you for a while

I wrote something about

How you can tell a lot about a person

By how they treat children and animals

When a little girl playing nearby 

Suddenly had a nosebleed and panicked

You were next to her like a shot

You pulled this blue bandana from around your neck

Putting your hand on the back of the girl’s head

And the bandanna to her face

Sitting her down gently on the sand

Speaking to her quietly 

As the girl’s parent’s rushed over

I thought 

There it is

The bright flag of your disposition

How you give things to others 

Without needing to stop and think

Everything goes straight from your heart to your hands

I knew that day 

That I wanted you in my life

Robert A. Cozzi

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