june day on the beach poem


Grief seems to find me 

When I least expect it to

Like on this day in June

During a trip to the ocean with you

After a long swim

I fall onto my back beside you on the blanket

You turn toward me

Lifting yourself up on your side

“Hey,” you say

Your voice solicitous 

I put my hand over my face

Which is wet with salt water and tears

I am embarrassed 

When you ask, “What’s wrong?’ I do not answer

But you pull my hand away

Which makes me cry harder somehow

Then you kiss me on my forehead 

And then both cheeks and my lips

When I try to pull away

You grab my head with both your hands

Holding me in place

While making your funniest faces 

And speaking in your over-exaggerated Spanish accent

Until I am laughing instead of crying

You laugh too, and roll on top of me 

Gently laying your head on my chest

Where we stay

Breathing in unison

Until we drift off into a mid-day nap

Robert A. Cozzi

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